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Like all things at Evolving Texas, the diversity of our Leadership is unique. With our entrepreneurial spirit, our team operates and executes every project with the goal of creating a sustainable environment and community. 


Always looking to add values that others miss, we strive for sustainable success by focusing on relationships, clear communication, and being as effective as possible. Our clients should hear from us first, and that is exactly how we operate. As a team we understand that problems arise, and when they do, our team pulls from our experience in complex and multifaceted engineering projects to guide us to success. 

With a variety of complementary strengths from our team, we hold each other to the highest standards to efficiently get the job done. To be bold, we have to think bold.


At Evolving we want our clients to expect more from us and experience our best, and that’s precisely why we strive to think outside the box on what it means to be a consultant. 



Sometimes we just can’t take no for an answer. We specialize in “cutting the red tape” so our clients can move forward. From personally walking things through the City, to nurturing relationships that matter, we are experts at getting things done when it’s all on the line.



Our clients count on our schedules. To keep them on track, we hold ourselves accountable on a daily basis. We stay on-time and on-budget and communicate with the team quickly when this is beyond our control.



A great engineering team can save “more than their fee” with a great design. Carefully examine your work and add value with thoughtful, efficient design. We help our world when we eliminate waste. Just one unique idea can savemore for the planet than recycling at your home for a year!



Engineering is primarily an exercise of the mind. Our work requires the seal of a registered professional who has specialized training and has passed extensive tests. Our profession requires that we be smart. It requires that we are well-read and understand the ordinances that govern our work. We must anticipate the hurdles before they happen.



It all starts and ends with the team. From our client to every professional involved in the project, we believe a team approach is best. We hire team players, we are team players, and we work with team players. When everyone does their part well, project goals are met. When one of us wins, we all win...and if one of us loses, we all lose.



Sometimes respect is earned, like how we feel about our heroes. Sometimes, we give respect because it’s the right thing to do, like with those generations beyond us, even if we don’t know their behavior. Sometimes we respect the position that someone may be in - like a superior in the military. In all cases, it comes down to treating others with honor and seeing them as a person.



You know that feeling when you give someone a high-five and they leave you hanging? That is NOT what we want! As said previously, we are a TEAM. Being a team means we are all in sync. We are all rowing in one direction, and if someone stops rowing everyone is affected.



As good as we may be, as far as we’ve come, there are still many things for all of us to learn. Imagine - no one knew how to do FaceTime just ten years ago! Our world is evolving around us, and we are committed to evolving as a company, and as people. That’s why we named the company “Evolving”!

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