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Civil Engineering Green.png
Civil Engineering Design

Site Analysis

Feasibility/Site Investigation Reports

Cost Analysis

Erosion + Sedimentation Control

Site Planning & Dimensional Control

Grading & Drainage

Storm Drain Systems

Paving Plan and Profiles

Water & Sanitary Sewer

Lift Station + Force Mains

Signage, Marking and Striping Plans

Traffic Control Plans

Franchise Utility Coordination

Sub-Consultant Coordination

Construction Standards and Specifications

CFA/3-way Contracts

Construction Administration

Bid Assistance/Contractor Selection

TXDOT Permit Coordination

Planning Green.png
Planning + Zoning


City Site Planning

Land Use Planning

Master Planning

Street or Easement Vacation

Urban Planning


Plat Coordination

Zoning & Rezoning

Municipal Green.png
Municipal Services

MS4 Permitting and Annual Reports

City Engineering Services

Plan Review

CIP Project Management and Design

Grant Administration

Hydrology Green.png
Hydrology + Hydraulics

Detention Design

Flood/Drainage Studies

FEMA Map Revision + Amendment

Storm Water Quality and Best Management Practices

USACE Permit Coordination

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