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At Evolving, we know how important our role is in the industry and in the community. As civil engineers, we are responsible for creating structures and infrastructure that are not only functional but also safe and sustainable.

We play a crucial role in shaping the world around us by planning, designing, and constructing various projects. It is imperative that we have a team that has the experience, education, and understanding of the principles and processes involved in civil engineering design is essential.

We have worked for the last two decades to create a team with the skills and valuable insights required to provide exceptional service in this field.

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Our team consists of highly skilled professionals in engineering, project management, drafting, analysis, and research. We are not only dedicated to each project we undertake but also to our own personal growth and development.

Collectively and independently, we continuously seek opportunities for continuing education and strive to enhance our experience in order to effectively mitigate risks and ensure the success of every project.

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Regulatory Agencies

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With years of experience working with regulatory agencies, our approach involves various responsibilities such as policy and program development, representing our clients to the public, and effectively communicating with stakeholders, including state review agencies, elected officials, business owners, and property owners. 

Throughout our projects, we have encountered numerous program challenges and have successfully evaluated each situation to provide recommended mitigation plans with specific controls to address and prevent future issues.  

We prioritize maintaining open lines of communication with government agency representatives and utility companies to proactively address any regulatory issues that may arise and ensure the smooth progress of our projects.


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The Phoenix is a HUD approved multi-family development on 2.2-acres, located in the “Near South Side” development district of Fort Worth. Specifically, the project included 170 units, a 200-space parking garage, and 1,000 linear feet of offsite 12″ water line.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA



Evolving Texas, as a sub-consultant to Coon Engineering Inc., prepared civil engineering design for 6,850 linear feet of public water and sanitary sewer improvements. The most significant challenges on this project were the many utility crossings, as well as coordinating design with many other consultants.

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Evolving provided engineering services that included coordination of all subconsultants, acted as the owner’s agent at public hearings and HOA meetings, and preparation of final construction documents. Final engineering included grading, paving, and on-site and off-site utility design.

I have worked with Evolving Texas for several years sometimes as the client and sometimes as the consultant. Either way the treatment is the same – always fair, honest, reasonable and respectful.

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