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Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premiere civil engineering firm that focuses on inspiring communities, our employees and our clients to rethink design, allowing for innovative and creative solutions to better manage development and have a more positive impact on the environment.

Our Mission

The mission of Evolving Texas is to provide exceptional value through creative, innovative and responsive civil engineering solutions.

Our Values

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1. Be Persistent

Sometimes we just can’t take no for an answer. We specialize in “cutting the red tape” so our clients can move forward. From personally walking things through the City, to nurturing relationships that matter, we are experts at getting things done when it’s all on the line.

  • Consistently move the ball forward
  • Remember it often takes many touches to make a sale, so keep going
  • Sometimes we have to be the squeaky wheel to get the grease
  • Believe in our client’s vision, and fight for it if necessary
  • Don’t ever give up
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2. Be Accountable

Our clients count on our schedules. To keep them on track, we hold ourselves accountable on a daily basis. We stay on time and on budget and communicate with the team quickly when this is beyond our control. 

  • Know the schedule and budget at all times
  • Issue weekly status reports so our clients never feel uncertainty
  • Communicate with the team so goals are met 
  • Know and follow our SOPs 
  • Admit your mistakes quickly 
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3. Be Efficient

A great engineering team can save “more than their fee” with a great design. Carefully examine your work and add value with thoughtful, efficient design. We help our world when we eliminate waste. Just one unique idea can save more for the planet than recycling at your home for a year! 

  • Biddability, Constructability, Operability 
  • Know the schedule for submittals - one day can make a huge difference 
  • Remember an efficient design saves real dollars for our client 
  • If you find yourself getting “stuck” or losing speed - ask for help! 
  • “It’s not often a lack of time - it’s often a lack of direction.” 
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4. Know Your Stuff

Engineering is primarily an exercise of the mind. Our work requires the seal of a registered professional who has specialized training and has passed extensive tests. Our profession requires that we be smart. It requires that we are well-read and understand the ordinances that govern our work. We must anticipate the hurdles before they happen. Our client is counting on it. 

  • Never “design by comment” 
  • Investigate the hurdles that must be jumped before you start running 
  • “That’s how we did it last time” isn’t a reason to blow the budget or schedule 
  • Measure twice and “cut” once. Just because we aren’t cutting wood doesn’t mean we don’t need to carefully plan our steps. 
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5. Be a Team Player

It all starts and ends with the team. From our client to every professional involved in the project, we believe a team approach is best. We hire team players, we are team players, and we work with team players. When everyone does their part well, project goals are met. When one of us wins, we all win...and if one of us loses, we all lose. 

  • Share your knowledge with those around you and help them be better
  • It’s never “someone else’s job” - we are in this together
  • Lead by example
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6. Show Respect

Sometimes respect is earned, like how we feel about our heroes. Sometimes, we give respect because it’s the right thing to do, like with those generations beyond us, even if we don’t know their behavior. Sometimes we respect the position that someone may be in - like a superior in the military. In all cases, it comes down to treating others with honor and seeing them as a person. 

  • Be polite and courteous on the phone
  • Be considerate of others in the office 
  • Express gratitude to others, and write thank you notes when you can 
  • Celebrate others success 
  • Never criticize or complain 
  • Try to see things from the other perspective - even if you are right 
  • Earn respect by your actions, but don’t demand it. Show it, and it will come.
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7. Be Engaged

You know that feeling when you give someone a high-five and they leave you hanging? That is NOT what we want! As said previously, we are a TEAM. Being a team means we are all in sync. We are all rowing in one direction, and if someone stops rowing everyone is affected. 

  • Don’t just show up and think that’s enough 
  • Answer texts and calls quickly when teammates need you 
  • Be “all in” 
  • Be focused and avoid distractions 
  • Listen when others on the team are talking
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8. Grow

As good as we may be, as far as we’ve come, there are still many things for all of us to learn. Imagine - no one knew how to do FaceTime just ten years ago! Our world is evolving around us, and we are committed to evolving as a company, and as people. That’s why we named the company “Evolving”! 

  • Always be on the lookout for better ways to do things 
  • Share your shortcuts and tricks with the team 
  • Read about our profession, our clients, our City 
  • Continue your education 
  • Pursue personal development 
  • As you get better, we get better 
  • Remember our profession is a mental one - so there’s no reason the exact same team can’t get better and better every year!


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Top view green large urban park near residential area



Evolving Texas was hired by the City of Rowlett to serve as the City’s Interim Development Services Engineer. Evolving did numerous plan reviews on several large multi-family development projects, multiple commercial development projects, as well as multiple single family development projects.

Sundance Square in the Historic Downtown Fort Worth



Evolving Texas was tasked to create plans and manage consultants for re-aligning of 2nd street in downtown Fort Worth. This included the creation and beautification of 2 full blocks of parking, sidewalks, street lighting and landscaping.  This project also required signal and utility relocations and additional storm drainage design.

Aerial View of Abilene Texas Downtown Area



​Evolving Texas prepared construction documents for the new proposed site of the American Commercial College on 1.9-acre, in Abilene, Texas. Evolving Texas prepared civil engineering design of the site that included paving, grading, utilities, drainage, detention analysis, and erosion control.